Tips When Choosing Chain-link Fencing

November 17, 2015

You have certainly seen chain-link fencing everywhere from the suburban properties of South Surrey to commercial Downtown Vancouver. Chain-link fences are easily the most popular type of fencing option that one can choose to install for their property, no matter the need. Not all chain-link fencing is the same With that being said, there are […]

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5 Popular Uses of Chain-Link Fencing

September 22, 2015

Chain-link fence is as common as they get. It is the most popular and standard type of fencing unanimously throughout the world, therefore, it may be hard to imagine other uses for chain-link fencing beyond the average suburban home. Here are five popular uses of chain-link fencing: Popular Uses of Chain-Link Fencing 1. Baseball and […]

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Length & Gauge: Sizes of chain-link fencing explained

September 8, 2015

Fencing is not necessarily an area of expertise for everyone. That is why a professional fence company can help you determine your needs quickly and accurately, saving you priceless time and trouble. Important Chain Link Fence Questions An important question that many of our customers ask is: What size chain-link fence do I need for my home? […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Backyard Is Better Than The Beach

July 20, 2015

Summer is officially here and with the great weather seen around the Lower Mainland this month, it’s likely you’ll want to take advantage of the warm weather outdoors. Look no further than your own backyard to enjoy your summer to the fullest! 3 Reasons Why Your Backyard Is Better Than The Beach CLOSE TO HOME […]

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4 Tips for Getting Rid of an Old Fence

July 6, 2015

When the weather is looking this good, we all want to be outside! Hanging out in the backyard, sipping on lemonade, the last thing that you need is the unsightly distraction of a grungy old fence. Not to mention the devaluation of your beautiful home with peeling paint and broken pickets. Last year the Surrey fencing […]

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