Fencing for North Vancouver Mountain Lions (Cougar Proof Fencing)

August 10, 2016

Are Cougars a Concern in Metro Vancouver? Yes, in some areas. A lot of backyards in Meto Vancouver happen to be in cougar territory (also called panthers, or mountain lions). If you have small children or pets, cougars in these areas are something to be aware of and take necessary precautions (both for your family’s […]

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Dog Proofing a Yard: Redundant Fencing & Chain-link Air Locks

June 29, 2016

Redundant Fencing & Chain-link Air Locks In our previous posts on dog proofing your fence, we covered some of the most important features for securing fences for dogs: using privacy slats, digging under the fence, climbing or jumping over the fence, as well as protecting your pets from predators such as mountain lions (which sometimes wander […]

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Chain-link Fence Dog Proofing (Digging & Climbing)

May 30, 2016

At QS Fencing in New Westminster, BC we love our dogs, which is why we’re focusing this post series on dog proof fencing. It’s important to ensure your fenced yard is secured with dog safety in mind. Not only is preventing escape important, keeping predators out is important in many areas around greater Vancouver like North Vancouver, Port Cocquitlam. In our last post we cover […]

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Preparing for Summer Wildlife Visitors with Secure Fencing & Gates

May 29, 2015

Back in January, we published a blog post about Keeping Urban Wildlife Out Of Your Backyard. We wrote that the emergence of more wildlife presence in urban landscapes like Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby, BC should not come as a major surprise to residents in this day and age. Of course, the presence of undomesticated animals, […]

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Keep Urban Wildlife Out of Your Backyard!

January 5, 2015

Wildlife Fences: stop skunks, raccoons, coyotes & deer Undomesticated animals do not belong in the city; however urban landscapes such as in Surrey, BC, have begun to witness more and more wildlife inhabitants around town. This should not come as a surprise. As we develop further into areas formerly reserved for our wildlife counterparts, raccoons, deer, […]

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