5 Popular Uses of Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link fence is as common as they get. It is the most popular and standard type of fencing unanimously throughout the world, therefore, it may be hard to imagine other uses for chain-link fencing beyond the average suburban home. Here are five popular uses of chain-link fencing:

Popular Uses of Chain-Link Fencing

1. Baseball and softball field backstops

The fence behind the back-catcher is typically made from steel chain-link fencing. The rattling of the cage upon a foul ball is unmistaken.

2. Racetrack catch fences

Chain-link fencing was used as catch fences in racetracks before grave traps were invented. Catch fences are used as a primary barrier to slow down out-of control cars and are still used with original chain-link fencing at dirt tracks in the US.

3.London fencing

When iron and steel were needed for the war effort in WWII, the London government replaced the original iron and steel railings with cheaper chain-link fencing. Some of the old temporary chain-link fencing can still be seen in parks in London today.

4. Gehry Residence

Architecture knows Frank Gehry as one of the most famed architects of the 20th century. His personal residence located in Santa Monica, California, is noted for its use of unconventional materials, particularly chain-link fences. The idea was explore materials he was already using, which included metal and chain-link fencing, amongst other everyday materials.

5. Residential and commercial fencing

And of course, the most popular use of chain-link fencing is for bordering residential and commercial properties.

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