Resturant Patio Ideas: Metal vs Wood Patio Fencing

Metal vs Wood Patio Fencing for Restaurants in Vancouver

Our Vancouver fencing company specializes in metal fences; and for restaurants in rainy, west coast environments like Vancouver, there’s plenty of good reasons to choose metal over wood for your outdoor patio fence.

Without further hubbub, let’s check out the top 3 reasons you’ll want to go with an aluminum fence installation for your Vancouver restaurant patio.

1. Aesthetics, Versatility, ROIRestaurant fences Vancouver

One might have thought of durability as the number one reason; but, for an outdoor restaurant fence, it’s an easy argument that attracting customers is more critical than upkeep.

Aesthetics for a restaurant is part-and-parcel with marketing and branding. A good looking patio will help you bring in customers and make more money, so the choice to spend here is matter calculating the of return on investment (ROI).

Invest in a fence that helps bring in the business, build your brand, and complements your restaurant’s location. This is where versatility of a custom metal fence wins out over wood.

While one could hire a carpenter to design and build a custom wood fence, the high strength and light weight of metal allows for much more flexibility in design for commercial applications.

Thin metal bars can be weight-bearing, for instance, and decorative metal or curved elements are relatively easy and inexpensive to fabricate compared to wood. This all comes together allowing for exceptional and highly functional patio spaces for your restaurant.

2. Durability & Weather Proofing

As an outdoor patio fence, durability is critical. Pound for pound, a metal fence can put up with significantly more abuse than a wood fence. And as a commercial establishment in Vancouver, you need to factor in a decent level of abuse — from everyday climbing and kicking to tree-snapping gusts and windstorms.

Speaking of Vancouver weather, it’s wet here. Unlike wood, metal doesn’t rot. This is a big deal for Vancouver patios.

More over, aluminum fencing and railing for patios naturally don’t rust and are naturally corrosion resistant. Investing in a metal fence that’s essentially weather poof can end up paying for itself in maintenance and upkeep costs.

3. Low Maintenance & Upkeep Cost

Maintenance is a third factor here that results from a combination of the two points above.

Wood fences require significantly more maintenance than metal fences. From rotting to repainting to rebuilding, a wood fence requires regular upkeep to keep it looking like new.

Even if you’re an old-world design aesthetic, you’re still probably better off antiquing a metal fence than weathering a wooden one. This comes back to versatility and style, metal fencing offers exceptional flexibility and creative control while at the same time reducing the upkeep and repair costs compared to wood fencing.

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