Fencing Options to Protect your Dog

December 8, 2020

This year has been quite different for many people, and a surge of having a new pet into home has been something new and source of joy for some people around the Great Vancouver area. All the new dog owners need to keep their pups safe from the world’s dangers outside of the home yard. Installing […]

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How to save money when installing a fence in Vancouver

March 26, 2020

Installing a fence around your property requires a lot of planning and budgeting. It is paramount to have a clear idea of the design you want to have around your home, what kind of material you prefer, which leads to the quality and price topic, bringing the question of how much you are willing to invest. […]

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What to consider installing your commercial fence

February 10, 2020

When it comes to protecting your commercial property, installing a fence is one of the best ways to do so. You not only protect your property but also imposing respect to your clients and neighbors, building a positive image. Choosing the right and most appropriate type of fence is not an easy decision. For this […]

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How to prevent your fence to hold up the weather

January 22, 2020

The winter might be a rough time for many people and also for objects. The Canadian winter weather, mainly this year, can be extreme which can damage the external surfaces, such as properties fences. Intense rain, snowfalls, and high moisture can damage some fence materials causing them to rot, lean and crack. Following, our expert […]

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Discover 3 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Fence

December 18, 2019

We officially started the most festive time of the year with holidays season. Everywhere that we look, we can find a lights twilling, Christmas trees, and all the joy that this season brings. Most people decorate their homes with Christmas ornaments as well, and your fence is a perfect spot for decoration, as well. Imagine […]

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