How a Backyard Fence Can Enhance your Family Privacy

April 24, 2020

When you live in a house or a condo that allows you to have your own space to enjoy with your family, it is a great feature. However, usually, you might have your private space invaded and exposed by neighbouring eyes, which can make you feel exposed and uncomfortable when trying to enjoy your family […]

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Decorative Fencing for Vancouver BC, Steel vs Aluminum

December 16, 2016

The choice between steel vs aluminum fencing is a matter of tradeoffs. This post will focus on which metal is better suited for decorative or ornamental fencing in Vancouver BC environments. Aesthetics: Winner = Tie. Both materials are commonly used to produce the traditional “wrought-iron picket fence” look among many other decorative styles. Strength: Winner = Steel. Galvanized […]

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Why Metal Picket Fences are Better Than Wood for Vancouver BC

October 6, 2016

Why Metal Picket Fences are Better for Vancouver BC When most think of picket fences they think of a “white picket fence” but not exactly what the fence is made out of. However, the choice of fence material is critical for a number of important reasons. Traditionally the classic white picket fence has been made out of […]

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Chain-link Fence Dog Proofing (Digging & Climbing)

May 30, 2016

At QS Fencing in New Westminster, BC we love our dogs, which is why we’re focusing this post series on dog proof fencing. It’s important to ensure your fenced yard is secured with dog safety in mind. Not only is preventing escape important, keeping predators out is important in many areas around greater Vancouver like North Vancouver, Port Cocquitlam. In our last post we cover […]

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Best Practices for Commercial Security Fencing in Vancouver, BC

April 18, 2016

Chain-link fencing is the most common type of structural outdoor security perimeter in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. While it’s often the best first-line of defense, installing a chain link fence is not always enough on its own to make a site secure. Depending on the level of security you require, there are a number of important additional prevention and detection controls […]

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