Picket fences are a type of fence used mainly as a decorative or ornamental fence for a residential property or garden. Normally you will see the picket fence along the perimeter of the yard. A picket fence has the distinguishing features of evenly spaced vertical boards, known as the pickets, attached to horizontal rails with fence posts to hold the fence up sturdy. The picket ornamental fence is a great way to contain children or pets without blocking the view or sunlight, and still adding curb appeal to your property.

Traditionally, a picket fence has been made of wood. However, due to the regular maintenance and painting required to keep the fence looking appealing, aluminum and steel is an increasing popular choice to use for picket fence materials as it requires less maintenance and can come with a warranty.

QS Fencing Ltd. will work with you to determine the type of picket fence you need or repair your existing fence. We will help you implement the best picket fence solution to ensure that you pick the right product to suit your property and budget.

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