3 Reasons Why Your Backyard Is Better Than The Beach

Summer is officially here and with the great weather seen around the Lower Mainland this month, it’s likely you’ll want to take advantage of the warm weather outdoors. Look no further than your own backyard to enjoy your summer to the fullest!

3 Reasons Why Your Backyard Is Better Than The Beach


Waste no time getting straight to relaxation. Instead of Buy Metal Patio Fences Vancouver making the ever-long trek to the waterfront, your backyard is just steps away. Being so close to home, you also have access to your own restroom and the kitchen, where you can fill up on that iced lemonade and keep going back for more.


With all of this great weather, everyone is thinking about the beach. The beach is a public space that is likely to be overcrowded and you might be lucky to get a good spot by the water without the next party getting sand all over your blankets. Whether it’s a gathering with your favourite people or a day to be alone with yourself, nothing beats the privacy of your own backyard when it’s enclosed with aluminum railings or fence, creating your own serene sanctuary.

  1. SHADE

We like the sun, but too much can cause exhaustion, sunburn or heat stroke. The beach’s open air nature poses a risk to such overexposure, which is all the more reason why your backyard, lined with trees and fencing, can provide a better option for you to get the most out of enjoying your summer in the sun.

Make the most out of your summer!

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