Chain Link Fences or Walls? Check Out Some Arguments That Indicate That the Fence May Be the Best Option

If you are in the process of choosing a fence for your property, it is quite likely that you have already asked yourself the following question: should I really choose a chain link fence or is it better to have a wall built once and for all? With that in mind, we prepared this article with some arguments to show you that chain link fences come out ahead when it comes to ease of installation, maintenance, durability and cost-benefit ratio. Keep reading to understand better.

All About Chain Link Fences

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Chain Link Fence or a Wall?

Chain link fences can be easily installed in homes, commercial buildings, industries, sports fields and more. The possibilities are endless – and below you can see some advantages of choosing them instead of walls.

1. Good Value for Money

Yes, we know well that when building or renovating, costs are an essential item to take into account. So we’ve already started with this argument – installing a chain link fence usually costs a lot less than building a wall.

2. Easy Installation

In addition to being cheaper, chain link fences are faster and more convenient to install. After all, building a wall involves a number of materials, such as cement and bricks. And that doesn’t just imply construction time, but also the amount of waste and debris on site during and after the process.

3. Easy Maintenance

The material used in the manufacture of chain link fences is already prepared to withstand the action of time and even the sea air, which makes them practically maintenance free. Unlike walls, which need to be repainted from time to time to avoid wear and tear.

4. Chain Link Fences Are Adjustable

Let’s say you’ve chosen to surround your property with walls. After a few years, you also decided to buy the neighboring land and needed to adapt the fencing method. For this, you will need to demolish a part of the wall and rebuild it in the necessary areas. If you had already opted for chain link fences, they could be moved more conveniently, quickly and with less work and costs involved.

5. Various Possibilities

When choosing chain link fences, you can also choose the height, the size of the grids, the gauge, the color of the coatings… This makes this material more versatile and customizable according to your needs. Let’s say you’re looking for security: you can opt for a tall fence with smaller grids, so it’s quite robust. If you want a temporary fence, you can choose lower versions, with larger grids – that way you also spend less. That is, you can adapt them according to your budget and objective.

6. Free View

In addition to all the arguments that we gave above, when having a chain link fence installed on your property you also do not block the view out of the land, which can be very welcome for those looking for greater integration with nature, for example, without neglecting safety.

Chain Link Fences in Vancouver

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