Ideal Height For Chain Link Fence: Check Out Tips to Get the Measurements Right

Here on the QS Fences blog, we are always extolling the qualities of chain link fences – they are practical, strong, very durable and versatile. This means that this material can be used both to surround houses or divide external spaces (such as a vegetable or flower garden, for example) and in commercial properties.

So we can say that this type of fencing is one of the easiest ways to guarantee security for your home or business without blocking the view to and from the outside. But if you’re considering having a chain link fence installed, you probably already know that, right? Doubts begin to arise when we talk about height: which is ideal? What to take into account?

Ideal Chain Link Fence Height

In order to help you answer these questions, we have listed below some items that can be decisive in decision making.

1. Children and Pets

Is the land where you would like to have a chain link fence installed is/will be a place where children and pets can play and enjoy the great outdoors? If so, that’s the first thing to consider, as both children and dogs can enjoy climbing the fence – and will take advantage of any adult distraction to do so.

Therefore, in these cases, the most recommended are fences of at least 1.8m. Remember that larger dogs can jump up high and it’s best to make sure they can’t escape. If you only intend to separate an internal space for children to play, for example, 1.2 m may be enough. Of course, always remember to check the condominium or city rules regarding this.

2. Keep it Safe

When it comes to keeping unwanted visitors away from a property, there are a few factors to consider. A fence of at least 1.8m may be sufficient if it is installed on a flat terrain, without vegetation or other elements around it (such as benches, for example). But if it’s close to trees, poles, benches and other things like that, it might not be enough – these elements can act as support for someone who wants to jump inside. So, if this is the case, better choose a taller version.

3. Delimit Spaces

If security is not a major concern and your home doesn’t have children or pets – it can be a house in a condominium, for example – you can still use chain link fences to delimit spaces without interfering with the property’s project and façade. You may want to fence a garden or even the perimeter of the land – for these cases, you can use lower options, so that they fulfill their role discreetly, almost “disappearing” in the environment.

Chain Link Fences in Vancouver

Also, it is interesting to remember that you can use different fence heights in the same project, it all depends on your goals. After all, chain link fences can be customized according to your preferences. If you still have questions and would like to speak with a professional, please contact us. We can help you come up with a fencing project that fits your needs.