Best Practices for Commercial Security Fencing in Vancouver, BC

Chain-link fencing is the most common type of structural outdoor security perimeter in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. While it’s often the best first-line of defense, installing a chain link fence is not always enough on its own to make a site secure. Depending on the level of security you require, there are a number of important additional prevention and detection controls to consider.

Depending on your risk conditions, further prevention and detection controls may be important to look in addition to the fence itself. These may include barbed wire, privacy slats, specialized gates, perimeter lights, cameras, and security patrols. Of course, which controls are best depends on your situation; our staff at QS Fencing can help you determine the best application for your needs.

In the following post we won’t address all the additional security controls available but will focus on the options of fence height, barbed wire, and privacy slats.

Security fencing height

Without any additional controls, a security fence provides perimeter security as a physical 
barrier and as a psychological deterrent. So having a high fence isn’t always necessary for all security situations. A three or four-foot fence may provide sufficient security for certain applications.

A low chain-link fence is often an effective way to protect grass or gardens from excessive foot traffic, control small animals, direct pedestrians, and to deter most trespassers. A low fence allows for controlling a perimeter with a permanent, weather-proof solution, while maintaining a relatively friendly and open looking property.

Higher risk needs

A seven-foot fence height may be required for higher security requirements — such as dangerous sites, data centers, car lots, storage lots, and other higher risk sites. Depending on your concerns, additional controls including barbed wire and privacy slats, among others, may also be required.

Barbed wireprivacy slats Vancouver

For higher risk concerns, the total height of the fence should reach eight feet, which includes the addition of a one-foot high top guard with barbed wire extending out from the top of the fence at a 45-degree angle.

The top guard usually consists of three to four strands of barbed wire spaced about six inches apart. This addition of barbed wire increases both the physical and the psychological deterring power of the security fence.

Privacy slats

Privacy slats provide additional physiological deterrents by limiting visibility of valuable items and information within the site perimeter. Use cases for privacy slats may include car lots, storage lots, and other higher security perimeters.

Another common use of commercial privacy slats is where aesthetic coverings are also beneficial in addition to the chain-link fence — hiding unsightly elements such as garbage containers or scrap piles, for instance.

Security Fencing in Vancouver

Barbed wire and privacy slats can typically be purchased with your chain-link fence installation or added to an existing installation.

If you’re looking for a security fence installer in the Vancouver area, it’s worth talking to our specialists at QS Fencing in Surrey, BC at 604-345-5145.

We can advise you based on your specific needs as well as provide a free estimate for the installation and any additional controls that we provide.