Why Metal Picket Fences are Better Than Wood for Vancouver BC

 Metal Picket Fence Vancouver

Why Metal Picket Fences are Better for Vancouver BC

When most think of picket fences they think of a “white picket fence” but not exactly what the fence is made out of. However, the choice of fence material is critical for a number of important reasons.

Traditionally the classic white picket fence has been made out of wood, but in Vancouver BC, and the Pacific North West generally, we get too much rain for wood fences to make sense.

Wooden picket fences are cheaper at the outset but they spend half of the year under grey skies and dampness, which necessitates cleaning and re-coating (aka re-painting) every 1-5 years depending on the specific exposure. Best case scenario is typically 5 years between repainting, worst case is usually every year. Either way, it’s a lot of maintenance over the lifetime of the fence — and that’s just basic maintenance, not including rot or repairs.

In the end, the standard wooden picket fence can end up costing you more than a metal fence. Where as with an aluminum picket fence you don’t have to worry about maintenance nearly as much because aluminum doesn’t rust and because of the superior quality the can come with a warranty.

If you are planning to sell you home it still might make more sense to invest in an aluminum picket fence to boost your curb appeal. The little details like that will impress buyers as to the quality of the home. When potential buyers are looking at a place, they will be thinking about the upkeep costs and repairs and factoring it all into their offer.

Another advantage of going with metal over wood picket fences is the gate — the metal gate is significantly stronger and more secure. Metal gates work well for both foot traffic and driveways. For driveways and larger gated areas, metal gates also can be automated to open with a button, or password, or fob.

For these reasons, in the Vancouver area, both aluminum and steel fences are an increasing popular material choice for picket fencing and gates.

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