Fencing Options to Protect your Dog

This year has been quite different for many people, and a surge of having a new pet into home has been something new and source of joy for some people around the Great Vancouver area. All the new dog owners need to keep their pups safe from the world’s dangers outside of the home yard. Installing a quality fence in your home property is one of the best ways to provide the right protection and safety to your pup.

Fence Can Help Prevent Dogs Runaways

Dogs are curious and exploring their surroundings, especially in new environments. New dogs will try to discover new territory, which can lead them to run away to explore. This situation has the potential to be a catastrophic one, as your pup can run into an angry neighbor’s dog, not dog-fan neighbor’s yard, or even end up in the road.

To avoid any unpleasant experience for your puppy and you, installing a fence around your property yard is one of the best solutions.

When you protect your yard, besides enhancing your dog’s protection, you are also allowing it to enjoy some space to run and explore your backyard freely without fear of getting injured. You also avoid all the hustle and worrying about your dog’s safety. It’s a win-win situation.

When choosing the fence to install around your property, you can count on our team of fence experts to understand your needs and provide the best solutions for your project. The main points to observe before installing your fence is the height, ensuring that your dog cannot jump it, and the spaces between the poles to avoid your dog squeezing between them to get out.

QS Fencing Can Protect Your Dog

If you just got your new puppy and are worried about its protection and safety outside when playing in the backyard, you can count on our highly skilled fence installer professionals to protect your dog. One of us will help you to find the best solution for your property and safety of your puppy.

Call us at (604) 777-3057 to talk with one of our experts, or send us an email at info@qsfencing.ca to get a free estimate.