How to prevent your fence to hold up the weather

The winter might be a rough time for many people and also for objects. The Canadian winter weather, mainly this year, can be extreme which can damage the external surfaces, such as properties fences. Intense rain, snowfalls, and high moisture can damage some fence materials causing them to rot, lean and crack.

Following, our expert team at QS Fencing put together the main causes that might damage your fence and what you can do for a good maintenance and to avoid future replacement. 

Under Pressure

At this time of the year, it’s common to have snowfalls or even freezing rain. One of the causes that fences might collapse it’s due to stand the pressure of snow and ice, which can weaken the fence stability. High winds can also affect fence’s structure, weaken it further and pushing it to lean to one side.

Under these weather conditions, the best way to maintain your fence is to brush off any snow or material from your fence. In addition, shovel all the snow towards the middle of your yard to avoid it to pile up against your fence. 

Rust Damage

Steel or aluminum fences are durable when compared with picket and wood, but these fences can also be damaged from winter moisture. Usually, to protect this kind of fences, a protective coating is applied to avoid rust. However, the coating can wear away, and the fence will start to rust.

To avoid weakening the material and even interferes in your property curb appeal, apply a rust neutralizer which will keep your fence in a good shape and protected from the moisture. 

Soil Movement

The soil beneath your fence also receives the impact from the weather at this time of the year. Due to the variance of temperatures, the soil can expand or contract which can lead to a pressure on the posts. With this soil movement, consequently the fence can move, leaning to one side.

To prevent the soil expansion and contraction to affect your fence, make sure when installing it to make a good foundation, adjusting the posts to be at least three feet under the ground. 
In case your fence do not stand well even though you keep all the maintenance care, you can count on the expert team from QS Fencing in Vancouver to repair your fence. Our team at QS Fencing can take care of any issue and ensure quality and exceptional service to your needs. Call us at (604) 777-3057 to talk with one of our experts, or send us an email at to get a free estimate.