Discover 3 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Fence

We officially started the most festive time of the year with holidays season. Everywhere that we look, we can find a lights twilling, Christmas trees, and all the joy that this season brings. Most people decorate their homes with Christmas ornaments as well, and your fence is a perfect spot for decoration, as well.

Imagine your fence as a blank canvas that you can decorate as you wish and enhance even more the look of your landscape. We, from QS Fencing, a Vancouver fence installation company, prepared some creative ways to inspire you to decorate your fence for the holidays. 

Hang ornaments throughout your fence

Fencing your home not just protect your home from intruders and provide your family some privacy, but also give you some opportunity to leverage it by using the fence as a great spot to decorate your house for the holidays.

You can use your fence to hang wreaths and garland along with it. There is nothing more festive than wreaths and garlands. They are a holiday decorating staple. By adding those traditional bursts of colour around your home, you will set the right tone for your holidays.

If you’re a DIY person, you can give a shoot and even make your own wreaths, bringing even more personality to your home and Christmas decoration. Pinecones, twigs, bows, wheat, and even candy canes are great ornaments to inspire you to make your wreath.

Make sure to secure the garland bows in place, and tight them to the fence to avoid any damage or they flying off during a gust of winter wind.

Light up your fence

Put some light along your fence to brighten your home’s Christmas decoration and really capture the holiday spirit. You can simply place the string of lights on the top of your fence or let your creativity flows and work around your fence, creating some magnificent light structures.

Using some spotlights throughout your garden and pointing them up towards your fence can be a great strategy to highlight your decoration at night.

Remember to tight all the lights pretty well, securing them in place to avoid any damage during any adverse weather or storms.

You can also set up your lights to turn on and off with the help of all smart technologies. Many alternatives allow you to plug your lights to smart devices, and you can easily set up a timer, saving you time and money.

Use Appropriated Ornaments

When decorating your fence, make sure to use proper decorations for external use. The lights should be appropriate for outdoor use, as all your decorations elements to resist the rough weather and keep it nice and neat during the entire month.

With these tips, you can live up your Christmas decorations and add more cheer to your winter month, enhancing your mood for the holidays. For all of your fence related needs, such as installations, maintenance, or repairs, you can count with the support of our fence experts in Vancouver and region.

Our team at QS Fencing can take care of any issue and ensure quality and exceptional service to your needs. Call us at (604) 777-3057 to talk with one of our experts, or send us an email at to get a free estimate.