Keep Urban Wildlife Out of Your Backyard!

Wildlife Fences: stop skunks, raccoons, coyotes & deer

Undomesticated animals do not belong in the city; however urban landscapes such as in Surrey, BC, have begun to witness more and more wildlife inhabitants around town. This should not come as a surprise. As we develop further into areas formerly reserved for our wildlife counterparts, raccoons, deer, and coyotes alike are being pushed into our city spheres as their homes are being overtaken. Until we find a suitable solution of new homes for our friends, urban wildlife unfortunately persists as a very topical concern for homeowners today.

Bear Fencing in Port Coquitlam

The typical wildlife crew you will likely encounter in your backyard will be of squirrels, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, geese and ducks, and urban deer. Some areas in Surrey, BC and around Metro Vancouver may also have bear sightings. Such animals have been notorious for going through gardens and garbage. Their main goal is to find food – this is why they will be looking for your edible fruits and vegetables and your delicious leftovers! Generally these creatures will be tame and pose little threat to humans; however, there have been some recent media attention on incidents involving humans and wildlife. Some have been minor, but others quite severe. Coyotes and bears, for example, have a larger appetite than squirrels. It is therefore important to be aware of your surroundings and best to take precautions as you can.

One of the simplest precautions that you can take is to put up a metal fence and gate around your property. One of our high quality metal fences would be ideal for such a project, which are sturdy and reliable in keeping unwanted intruders out. We would be able to recommend the most suitable fence for your home’s unique needs.

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