How to Utilize Fencing for Kids

Fencing for Kids

In September we wrote an article about “How to Balance the Pros and Cons of Fencing”. One of the common cons that we highlighted drew attention to the Aesthetics of a Fence. We said that a fence may block out the view for the people living inside the house, and that this may make your garden look small or boring. We came back with an argument that putting up a fence can give you increased privacy from neighbours as well as a means for security. Like any neighbourhood, no matter where you live, there can be a danger for kids even when playing out in your own backyard. This is no exception for Surrey, BC, where just as many children yearn to play outside but leave parents uneasy with the risk of danger. A simple fence can help keep kids within the parameters of your property, and others out.

Fun Kid Friendly Fencing Ideas

What’s more is that such a fence doesn’t have to remain boring. In fact, there are many ways that you can utilize your fencing so that your backyard can be more fun for you and the kids! One of our favourite ideas comes from a do-it-yourself blog called Project Denneler: check out this project!

A sturdy metal fence like one of ours from QS Fencing Ltd., a Surrey Fencing Company can provide an optimal foundation for a fun art project like hosting a black board where the kids can draw on. All you need is a smooth blank board and some black chalk paint. These can be purchased at most home hardware stores. Art stores may also carry the particular black chalk paint as an alternative, and will also carry the chalk your kids will need to get creative. It’s such a simple project that can be used time and time again.

Children especially these days need to spend more time outdoors, but its difficult with the increasing concerns for safety and security. By building some fun into your fencing, fencing can be a win-win for everyone.

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