What is a Chain-link Fence?

Chain-link fencing is the most popular type of fencing on the market. This is due to its low cost for value, as a strong and versatile material that will be sure to last years to come.

Made from steel wire

Chain-link fencing is made from steel wire that is coated to prevent rusting. This durable steel wire fencing is woven together by machine into an alternating zig-zag pattern to create the characteristic diamond shapes seen with chain-link fencing throughout.

Galvanized in zinc and colored vinylPrices for Chain-link Fence in Vancouver

Coating is done using either zinc, powder coating, or vinyl. Quality chain-link fences will be galvanized with zinc where vinyl coating is a less reliable option on the market. Traditional fences will arrive in the basic galvanized color, however, chain-link fencing also comes in a variety of colored vinyl such as green, black, brown, blue or white.

An English innovation

Chain-link fencing is most popular in North America today, however it’s origins lie in England where a machine was first built to produce “wire-netting” in 1844. The city that it was invented in specialized in manufacturing fabric. When the economy went down, the business owners in Norwich were forced to innovate or decline. What they invented was a crossover idea for weaving wire, which began as a thin chicken-wire and was later developed using heavier-gauge wire for the chain-link fencing style we know today.

Buy Quality chain-link fencing in the Vancouver Area

Chain-link fencing persists as the most popular option for fencing after decades of success. To get your quality chain-link fencing, contact QS Fencing in New Westminster BC, or give us a call at 604-345-5145!