Vancouver Fencing Company Weighs in on DIY Solutions VS Hiring a Contractor

As a Vancouver fencing company, the team members at QS Fencing know it can be tempting to save money with a DIY installation project. However, while no one really notices a professional fencing installation, a bad one will stand out like, well, a bad fencing installation.

For those still interested in the DIY route, one of the first things needed will be a post hole digger. Manual digging can be tiring and time-consuming, so you’re a gas-powered auger is the best bet, especially if the ground is hard-packed.

Additionally, many DIY builders might be surprised to discover that self-installation often won’t result in a wealth of savings. This is because professional fencing companies can take advantage of bulk purchasing and often pass these savings onto customers. Often, it’s often worth requesting free estimate from local fencing companies, just to ascertain if the savings are really worth all the labour and effort.

In the event that you do decide to hire a contractor, it’s important spend some time vetting potential candidates. Ask for references and look at ratings or even a portfolio of work. These professionals will have the expertise to navigate potential problems, including securing any necessary permits for the job.

If the DIY route has been decided, remember to call before you dig, and make sure there aren’t any buried utilities that could lead to potential problems.

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