Vancouver Fencing Company Shares 5 Benefits of Aluminum Installations

As a Vancouver fencing company, the team at QS Fencing understands that for some people a fence is just a fence. However, 15 years of industry experience has taught QS team members that not all fences are created equal.

While wood remains the storybook ideal for a cozy-looking home, Vancouver’s wet weather means more commitment and investment when it comes to repair and maintenance. The same can be said for wrought iron fences, which are highly susceptible to rust. For economy and time, there are many compelling reasons to consider  aluminum fencing. In fact, a few of the best are listed right here.

Cost – Aluminum costs far less than wrought iron, and can be comparable to wooden fencing.

Maintenance – Aluminum doesn’t rust like iron or rot like wood, which means fewer costly repairs. You’ll be spending less time protecting it and more time enjoying it. Add a sturdy powder paint coating and it will last a long time without needing to be repainted, too.

Aesthetics – Aluminum fencing can still look great in just about any location. Go for a nice black finish and it can blend in with almost any landscape. Or, if you are more ambitious, find a colour that makes it stand out and work with your property. A bright white fence to surround your pool, perhaps?

Security – Wooden fences are easily scaled and chain-link fences are easily cut. Aluminum fences provide superior protection that is harder to breach than most of its counterparts, especially if you have some decorative spear-topped pickets added in.

Adjustability – Aluminum fence panels can adjust to the shape of your land better than some other fence types, meaning it won’t leave unsightly gaps at the bottom of the fence when going up or down a slope.

After choosing the right style of aluminum fence the next step is to figure out is installation. QS Fencing is a fully licenced and insured family-owned Vancouver fencing company that provides 24/7 emergency repairs and services, including gate and railing installations for both private and commercial customers.

For an estimate or more information about aluminum fencing, contact QS Fencing at or (604) 345-5145.