The Costs of Aluminum Fence Installation in Vancouver

As a fence installer in Vancouver, QS Fencing has noticed an increasing preference for aluminum fencing among home and business owners.

Even though aluminum fencing requires a bigger investment upfront, it can save property owners a lot of money (and time) in the long run. So, what does it cost to install an aluminum fence?

Since aluminum fencing is a higher quality material than most other fences, it tends to come with a higher price tag. But the upside is that it’s low maintenance. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust, which is a big pro in Vancouver. Less conveniently, it’s trickier to install.

Other factors that will affect the cost of your project are height, style, and complexity. If the landscape has a slope or if there are obstacles that require a workaround, things become more difficult. In fact, investing in a little landscaping could be worth the time.

Before starting, consider the general shape of the yard, and how much square footage need to be enclosed. It’s easy enough to determine how much fencing will be needed just by multiplying the length and width of the yard—assuming it’s a standard rectangle or square. Of course, if the neighbour already has a fence line there’s no need to double up. So, the primary concern then might be to get a style that complements the shared border.

The style of aluminum fencing is also going to be a factor. Thinner bars aren’t as durable but use less material. However, if your purpose is primarily decorative, a thinner, sleeker option can be a great money-saver.

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