Vancouver Fencing Company Talks Safety Fences for Swimming Pools

As a fence installer in Vancouver, the team at QS Fencing knows that fences can save lives, especially if there’s a swimming pool on the property. A report from the Canadian Red Cross reported 446 deaths in backyard pools between 1991 and 2010, nearly half of which involved children between the ages of one and four.

As a result, swimming pool fences are required by law in many parts of the country. But even if it’s not a bylaw, it’s something all homeowners should consider. Most importantly, all pools should be separated from children’s play areas, to prevent accidents.

But not only does a pool fence provide safety and peace of mind, it can also be an attractive addition to your backyard, and less frustrating to use than something like a pool tarp, which needs to be wound and unwound every time the pool is used.

Some popular choices for pool fences include aluminum slats or steel and iron fences. However, something more affordable such as chain-link can still be made into an attractive option by opting for a plastic colour coating (white tends to be ideal for pools). Aluminum or steel fences and gate systems can come in a variety of different styles and colours to suit your property as well.

For those who need fencing for pool safety or property beautification, QS Fencing provides all kinds of fencing services. Request a free quote or get some advice by calling 604-777-3057 today.