QS Fencing Provides Bollard Installation in Vancouver

As a Vancouver-based fence installation company, QS Fencing deals with all kinds of safety situations, some of which have nothing to do with people or pets. For protecting buildings and property, QS also specializes in bollard installation in Vancouver.

Bollards Installation in Vancouver

It’s not a new idea. Some of the oldest bollards come from the Roman Empire, using stone posts to tether horses outside of buildings, or as milestones along their roads. The distinctive look of most bollards—an ornate curved post with a ball on top—is more recent, however. It stems from the practice of using retired cannons for the job, burying them with the barrel pointed up, and fitting a too-large cannonball on top.

Today,  bollards are often used to define pedestrian areas, or restrict access to vehicles while allowing people to pass through easily. It can also be used for security purposes, being placed in front of stores to prevent “smash-and-grab” robberies. Some can be used for bicycle parking, adding arms that chains or locks can wrap around.

Design-wise, they can range from something as simple and efficient as a concrete-filled metal tube to something as ornamental and lovely as the property it protects. In the end, the bollard is quite possibly the most versatile and ubiquitous kind of fencing one will find in the city, which is impressive considering they are rarely noticed.

Vancouver Bollards Company

QS Fencing Ltd. works with their customers to determine the type of bollard they need. They will help implement the best bollard placement solution to ensure they get the right product to suit the customer’s budget and needs. If you have questions about fence or bollard installation in Vancouver, contact QS Fencing at 604-345-5145.