QS Fencing Discusses Fencing Regulations in Richmond

Homeowners may not be aware of it, but different cities have different property bylaws when it comes to residential fences. As a Vancouver fence installation company, the team at QS Fencing makes an effort familiarize themselves with all regulations.

Take the city of Richmond, for example. In Richmond, there’s no requirement to erect a fence between two residential properties. However, if the property has an in-ground swimming pool or if the property has been designated a Residential Child Care District with an outdoor play area.

Fence heights can also vary from region to region. In Richmond, residential fence heights can’t be higher than 1.2 metres in the front yard or between the main building and the roadway, or 2 metres high elsewhere on the property.

When it comes to special kinds of fences or deterrents, it’s important to note which are allowed and which are prohibited from regular residential use.  For example, the use of barbed wire, electrified wire or similar obstacles are not allowed at all in residential areas.

The important thing to remember is that every region is different, so while these examples apply to Richmond, Burnaby or Surrey might have slightly different regulations.

QS Fencing can help ensure homeowners meet any required property bylaws around Vancouver. To learn more about fencing options and requirements for a property, contact QS Fencing at 604-777-3057.