Electronic or Automatic Gate Costs for Vancouver Homes

Electronic or automatic gates are a great way to ensure the security of your private premises, be it a residential or commercial property. Though electronic or automatic gates are not necessary for every property situation, they have proven to be helpful on properties such as apartment or townhouse complexes or facilities, such as private schools or criminal detention centers. It is important to note that electronic or automatic gates alone cannot guarantee the complete safety and security of the premises, and it will often be recommended to consider installation of a full security system in combination with your gate.

Electronic & Automatic Gate Cost & Repairs

Electronic or automatic gates are considered machines and therefore require certain care and maintenance. The cost of an Automated Sliding Gate-Motor Vancouver BCelectronic or automatic gate may seem costly at first, but consider it an investment, especially if a maintenance contract is included. This is always a good thing to keep in mind because keeping your machines regularly in tune can greatly reduce the more expensive future costs for repair or replacement.

Maintenance costs will usually depend on what type of gate you have installed and for what purpose the gate is being used. Automatic driveway gates for a private single-family residence will probably only require one maintenance check-up per year. Automated security residence gates for a multi-family complex, on the other hand, will likely require a few more maintenance check-ups throughout the year.

Getting the Best Automatic Gate Help in Vancouver BC

Again, every property is unique! Our experts at QS Fencing will work with you to determine the type of electronic or automatic gate you need or repair your existing gate. We will help you customize and implement the best automatic gate solution to suit your property and budget.