Commercial Fencing in Vancouver BC

Whether it’s your home or your workplace, every property could use fencing.

Especially for commercial purposes, fencing offers a solution to burglary and other trespassing particularly after business hours. Fencing can also provide an important aesthetic appeal for a commercial property, mimicking the welcomeness of a residential home.

Commercial privacy fence Vancouver In October 2014, we published a related article titled “How to Choose the Best Commercial Fence for Surrey BC”. In this article, we highlighted the differences between the purposes of your commercial fence. This is important when considering what kind of fence you are looking to install. If your business is a facility, such as a factory, construction site, or criminal detention center, more robust and sturdy designs are recommended to provide stronger defenses. On the other hand, a dental office or small café is more inclined to welcome outsiders into the boundaries of the property. Decorative fencing is known to be more inviting. There is also a good middle point for properties such as foreign consulates, high schools, and membership clubs that want to keep trespassers out, but don’t want to scare their own clients away. There are such hybrid fences, which can do the job just right.

Selecting your Commercial Fencing

This article will be able to give you general tips to consider when selecting how you will go about installing your commercial fencing. Every property is unique so we encourage you to also give us a call and chat with one of our experts at QS Fencing for a more detailed approach to your needs. Between security gates, commercial chain-link fencing, privacy fencing, fence panels, and electronic or automatic security gates, and more, we also provide free estimates to help you make the right decision. Give us a call at 604-345-5145 today!