Spring Cleaning Residential Fencing: Advice from Fencing Contractors

QS Fencing Ltd, a Vancouver commercial fencing contractor, receives a lot of queries on how to care for beautiful metal fences. Generally, metal fences made out of substances like aluminum or steel are low maintenance and easy to keep, but a little tidy up is sometimes necessary. It not only will keep it looking great, but extend its lifespan as well. Here’s what to do:

Prepare by filling a bucket of water with warm water and add some mild detergent. With the bucket of warm soapy water, use a soft bristle scrub brush for a general clean-up, while applying extra pressure to spot clean any areas that require more attention. Afterwards, rinse the fence with a hose to remove any traces of detergent.

After the fence is clean, it’s important to check for rust. This is easier to do after cleaning than before. Any rust found should be scrubbed away using a piece of sandpaper, then washed and rinsed again.

If you have a painted fence, be sure to have some primer and matching paint on hand to cover any these patches once they are cleaned and dried.

It’s important to clean a metal fence at least once a year in order to do spot checks for rust or other problems, but it can be cleaned as often as needed in order to keep it looking beautiful. Also, the more often a fence is cleaned, the easier it will be to clean since problems like rust can be spotted early and any gunky build-ups won’t have as much time to layer up and become more difficult to remove.

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