Commercial Fencing in Vancouver: Spring Cleaning Chain-link Fences

As a fence that’s strong and easy to install, chain-link fencing is hands-down the most popular choice for commercial fencing in Vancouver. It’s an easy solution for a barrier that’s strong and long-lasting. However, even durable chain-link fencing still requires care. Over time, it can become dull and discoloured, in addition to being overgrown with weeds. But with a little effort, a spring spruce-up will keep your fence looking great.

The first thing to do is to remove any debris, weeds, or other vegetation around the fence. It should be easier to remove their remains in the spring, rather than dealing with living growth in the summer or fall. Pick away or use a brush or broom to scrub away anything caught within the wires. A power washer or garden hose with spray attachment will allow you to rinse off debris that might have built up at the bottom.

While aluminum is naturally rust-resistant, the galvanizing surface does wear-off over time and can rust (aluminum rust shows up as a powdery white or dull grey coating rather than the orange-red of other metals). It’s important to clean these spots to prevent further damage (although aluminum rust is less corrosive over time than other kinds).

Use steel wool or sandpaper to scrape away any rust stains on your fence’s surface. In small crevices, you might need to use a Dremel sanding bit to reach them.

You can also use naval jelly to remove rust. Apply it with a paintbrush, let it sit, and wipe the jelly off using a damp cloth.

White vinegar can also be used to clean rust and mould growth. Soak a paper towel in vinegar and wrap it onto the rust-coated part of your fence. Leave it to soak for 30 minutes or longer, then scrub it off with a brush (or old toothbrush in tight places).

Another alternative is combining baking soda, cream of tartar, and hydrogen peroxide. Try one-fourth cup baking soda and one teaspoon cream of tartar into a bowl, mix, and add hydrogen peroxide. Stir until the mixture makes a thick paste and spread it over the rust spots and let it sit. Rinse the paste off with clean water after half an hour and wipe with a clean, wet cloth.

If it turns out while cleaning that your chain-link fence need some repair, QS Fencing offers all kinds of services related to commercial fencing in Vancouver. Call 604-345-5145 for a free estimate on fencing repair or construction services.