Vancouver Fencing Installation and Repair: Comparing Fence Materials

For those looking to find the best possible fencing solution, the team members at QS Fencing know there is no single correct answer. Each fence type has its advantages and disadvantages. What matters is which application best meet a client’s needs. In order to assist with the thought process, the team has published a blog that looks at three of the most popular and durable material options: Aluminum, Chain-Link, and Steel.


Aluminum is durable and as such requires very little maintenance. As a relatively affordable and versatile material, it works well on sloped landscapes and comes in a variety of stylish colours and designs.

Although aluminum fencing costs more than wood upfront, its low maintenance requirements make it more affordable in the long run. And while aluminum isn’t quite as durable as steel, it stands up nicely to most climates, including Vancouver’s infamous wet chill.


Chain-link fencing is inexpensive and easy to install. It’s also durable and relatively maintenance-free. This is in part because of its galvanization, and the natural give chain-link possesses when pressure is applied to it, bouncing back from impacts that would dent or damage other fences.

Of course, chain-link is rather somewhat as far as looks go. Its no-frills reputation makes it most suitable for utilitarian applications like securing schoolyards or construction sites. And while some people may be concerned about the scalable quality of these fences, there are accessories that can mitigate this, including razor wire or colourful vinyl slats, which make chain-link an excellent option for those looking for both privacy and security.


Steel delivers strength and durability, making it ideal for protective barriers or security gates. Some galvanizing and colour powder coating can help offset rusting, which is a primary concern when it comes to this material.

The drawback of steel is that it tends to be expensive and lacks versatility. Like aluminum, steel fencing is not ideal for privacy fencing due to the lack of coverage. It’s also not easy to install due to weight considerations. For residential applications, steel tends to be an impractical choice. This is simply a material better suited for industrial locations.

In the end, regardless of what material is chosen, QS Fencing offers hassle-free installation and repair services, as well as guaranteed competitive prices. To learn more about the different options and pricing available, contact QS Fencing at 604-345-5145.