Benefits of Installing Commercial Automatic Security Gates

Benefits of Installing Commercial Automatic Security Gates for Vancouver Businesses

An automatic security gate adds value, convenience, security and more for Vancouver Area businesses and commercial properties.

Great Return on Investment

Save on labour. Automatic security gates are not just about protecting your company’s inventory from vandalism or theft (more on that below). While preventing theft and damage saves you money, an automatic gate also saves you the overhead expense of overnight security staff and manning the gate to physically open and close it.

Our automatic security gates for commercial applications can even include barbed wire along with other security features to suite your company’s needs.

Security & ControlAutomated Sliding Gate-Motor

Beyond the obvious protecting your property from thieves and vandals, the added benefit of an automatic electric security gate is having more control over your security.

With a motor driven gate, you’re able to remotely control who accesses your property. Added features like an intercom and security camera allow you to check and operate your gate from the safety of your home or business.

Convenience (& Idiot Protection)

Remote operation comes in handy more often than you might guess. Take for example if someone forgets to close the gate at night or over the weekend. Rather than drive out to check, with an automatic gate you’re able to secure and protect your property with the press of a button.

And with the luxury of this convenience, you’re able to allow visitors to enter your property without walking to the gate or just leaving it unlocked or wide open all day. While this saves time (and therefore money), it’s also just darn nice-to-have!


We provide automatic security gates with your design and aesthetic in mind. Sometimes you want the formidable looking barbed-wire chain-link fence. But we’re also able to provide a custom driveway look that complements the rest of your property’s landscaping and architecture.

Get a Commercial Automatic Security Gate in the Vancouver Area

If you’re interested in getting an automatic security gate for your commercial property in the Vancouver area and would like more information, contact QS Fencing or give us a call at 604-345-5145!