Boosting Curb Appeal with Aluminum Garden Fencing

The Vancouver housing market is hot and some property upgrades can be smart, cost effective, investments. Here we are going to discuss the value of installing a new garden fence, regardless if you are selling today or years down the road.

Affordable Return on Investment

Aluminum Garden FenceInstalling a new fence is among the easiest and most affordable ways to boost curb appeal and increase the return on your investment.

As far as landscaping and architectural design goes, installing a new fence is very affordable.

And as an exterior feature, a new fence will add immediate polish, hide blemishes, and enhance your home’s current landscaping and architectural design.

Think if it as marketing for your home, a new fence may not sell the house itself but it might just get potential home buyers to stop in for a sales tour!

A Good Investment for Years to Come

Even if your home is not in the market today, aluminum fencing for your garden is an investment that will last many years. It provides daily value through its functional and aesthetic features, and it pays off down the road with the eventual resale of your home.

At QS Fencing Ltd we get a lot of orders for aluminum fencing for gardens. There are many other options that we can provide depending on your needs, such as steel fencing and chain link fencing, but here’s a number of solid reasons why aluminum is such a popular choice for garden fencing in the Vancouver Area.

Ornamental designs

Aluminum fences a great choices for gardens because they can be molded into virtually any ornamental design for your property. Aluminum allows for everything from utilitarian bars or privacy slats to highly ornamental finishes that can compliment and enhance your existing architectural design.

Low maintenance, no-repainting needed

Aluminum fencing is essentially weather poof. Aluminum does not rust and it’s corrosion resistant. And QS Fencing also allows you to order your aluminum garden fence with powder coating factory applied. Our powder coating is low maintenance with no repainting required. This makes it look attractive while providing low up-keep costs — retaining it’s value over the long-haul.

Functionally designed for your needs

While an aluminum garden fence can dramatically improve the polish and finish of your property, apart from just looking good, aluminum fences and gates in the garden can serve a number of different purposes as well.

Depending on your needs, an aluminum garden fence can offer a wide range of functionality. From partitioning your property to keeping animals out; keeping the kids safe to providing accessibility with handrails and guides. An aluminum garden fence can even be made to provide outstanding privacy while offering an attractive cover for any difficult to solve unsightliness.

Vancouver Aluminum Garden Fencing Company

Contact QS Fencing if you’re interested in getting an aluminum garden fence for your home anywhere in the Vancouver area. And we’re are happy to consult! Let us know if would like more information on any of our fencing products and services, just give us a call at 604-345-5145!