Vancouver Fence Installer Offers Tips for Construction Security Fencing

QS Fencing deals with all kinds of fencing, including commercial and private projects. As a fence installer in Vancouver, it’s no secret that fences play a vital role in safeguarding hazardous sites. To help clients, the team has QS has come up with a list that illustrates when installing a security fence might be a good idea.

Vancouver Fencing Company Installs Security Fences

As fencing professionals, the team at QS Fencing recommends following best practices whenever public safety is at stake. For example, if there is an excavation or depression deep enough to cause injury in a fall, such as a trench or foundational excavations, signs alone won’t keep away the curious, and the such warnings might not even be visible at night. In this case, a security fence is definitely advisable.

Security fencing should also be used anywhere physical contact with hazardous products on the site is possible, either physical or airborne.

In some cases, fencing isn’t solely put up for the purposes of protecting the public. Many construction or demolition sites can have expensive tools or machinery around. Apart from protecting people from causing mischief, a good fence can help protect important investments.

While accidents can and will happen, and the best way to avoid them is to keep people away from the danger. In most cases, chain-link fencing constructed up to 1.8m high provides a strong deterrent to protect the public and meets most safety code regulations.

Most construction fencing will need to stay in place until all hazards are removed. In the case of open excavations or foundation building, the fencing needs to remain in place until the site is levelled and graded, or until the foundation is backfilled and the floor is on.

Vancouver Fence Company

QS Fencing can assist in meeting all required safety regulations by providing installation and repair when necessary. Call 604-345-5145 to learn more.