Installing Fences and Walls: FAQs in the City of Burnaby

The team at QS Fencing has mentioned before how different cities have different property bylaws when it comes to putting up fences. As a Vancouver fence installation and repair company, they have taken the time to familiarize themselves fencing FAQs for residents of Burnaby.

Burnaby Residential Fencing FAQs

1) Should a commercial construction site have fencing?

Whenever a construction or demolition activity might constitute a public hazard, a fence or barricade of at least 1.8 m in height needs to be erected around the site and any public access points.

2) What about a residential construction site?

The same applies to residential sites as well. If the construction or demolition activity constitutes a hazard to the public, a fence at least 1.8m high to block off any open access is required.

3) If a neighbour’s retaining wall collapses onto my property, who is responsible for the damage?

If it is the neighbour’s wall, they are responsible for it—as well as any damage it causes.

4) If a homeowner moves into a property with a retaining wall, who owns it?

Identify the location of the property line division, and determine where that wall sits. Whoever owns the property the wall sits on is the owner.

5) If a fence needs to be rebuilt, who pays for it?

Whoever built the fence is responsible for the costs. Unless there’s a swimming pool, there is no law that requires a fence or requires a homeowner to pay for or share the cost of a fence someone else wants built.

6) What’s an appropriate height for a fence?

Generally, the rule of thumb is 3′ (0.9 meters) in the front yard and 6′ (1.8 meters) in the rear yard. There are a few exceptions (such as around Brentwood Mall, or in industrial areas) where it can be higher.

Burnaby Residential Fencing Company

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