Ornamental Steel—When a Chain-Link Fence Just Won’t Do

  • You already understand the value and durability that metal fencing provides, but if a chain-link fence isn’t your first choice. If that’s the case, why not consider an ornamental steel fence?

    An ornamental fence is made of metal (usually wrought iron, steel or aluminum) and is specifically designed to add beauty, security and character to your property. Ornamental steel fences work well on any type of property, from apartments or office buildings to private homes.

    While more expensive at the onset, they have a number of advantages over both wood and chain-link fences. It’s more attractive than chain-link and  substitute for high-maintenance iron or wood while giving your property a polished, prestigious look.

    Unlike wood or iron, steel fencing doesn’t have to be regularly treated against the weather (especially in Vancouver). And while it may need some minor maintenance occasionally, it lasts much longer than wood, making it a superior long-term investment.

  • Ornamental steel fencing is both formal and elegant, conjuring up images of romantic old mansions. However, it also possesses the strength and durability to act as a reliable security barrier, keeping children and pets safely corralled within the confines of your property.  Additionally, it will enhance curb appeal by making your home stand out thereby adding to the property value.

    QS Fencing Ltd. is pleased to offer a selection of ornamental steel fence products. It’s a beautiful way to decorate an entrance, or highlight the perimeter of and property. For more details, visit  https://qsfencing.ca or call (604) 345-5145 for a free quote.