5 important DIY Fence Installation Tips

As a locally based team that specialises in Vancouver fence installation and repair, the team at QS Fencing have some handy tips for homeowners going the DIY route. While there’s something undeniably rewarding about hands-on work, these tips might just save time and money down the road! So, read on before you get started.

Know Your Property Lines

Once you know the type of fence you want, you have to know where it’s going to go. This can be a costly mistake if handled incorrectly. Make sure you get your property properly surveyed, and know for sure where your property lines are. You want to be sure you’re installing in the right location!

Keep Your neighbors in mind

Remember that the “nice” side of a fence should always face your neighbours, while rails and supports should stay on the inside. Construction is a nuisance for neighbors at the best of times and no one wants to cause bad feelings.

When it comes to Concrete, Post Then Pour

When it comes to concrete, some people will take the dry mix, put it in the hole and then use a hose to add water. The problem here is that the concrete doesn’t set as hard when it’s done this way. Instead, you should set the post right in the hole first and put the cement around it, this helps it fuse into one solid unit.

Stepping the Fence

One of the trickiest DIY installation problems is managing elevation changes. If you have to step the fence, set one section at one height and keep moving up as you go along. Whether you’re going up or downhill, you’ll need to account for this and do full increments or half-feet.

Gates Need Solid Hinges and Deep Posts

When people try to add gates, they tend to undersize the hinges. As a result, the gates often weigh heavily and won’t swing with ease. You’ll need to ensure ahead of time that the hinges and the posts will support the gate. Make sure hinges are properly sized and set supporting posts a bit deeper, with more cement around them.

Remember, the fencing installation professionals at QS Fencing are always just a phone call away. If a DIY job is going wrong, long or just bad, give us a call at 604-345-5145. We’ll be happy to help.