Let’s Talk About Handrail Installation

We don’t always pay that much attention to them, but in slippery, winter conditions, handrails can be a lifesaver, making the difference between a minor whoops and a major fall.

As a Vancouver fence installation company, you might not know that QS Fencing also provides aluminum railing installations. Safety is one of our top concerns, so when it comes to installation, we want to make sure you choose the right one for your loved ones or customers.

Not only do handrailings help provide balance, they help prevent or minimize the damage taken in falls, giving people extra peace of mind. This is especially important to older or less capable people with minor disabilities who might not be as sure-footed as they’d like.

Handrail installation is also of importance during bad weather, such as during icy conditions, or—more likely in Vancouver—wet and slippery weather. Even the most able-bodied person can take a bad step. Railings also provide a degree of security for those moving heavy loads, anything from groceries to luggage, or boxes for a business.

Just like with fencing, some consideration should be given as to the material that’s used. Wood might fit with your décor, but aluminum handrail installations are going to last much longer without replacement, especially if your railing is located outdoors.

If you want to learn more about installing hand rails around your property, contact QS Fencing in for more information and a free quote at 604-345-5145.