Vancouver Fence Repair Checklist: Better Safe than Sorry

It’s the rainy season, and that means even the hardiest metal fences in Vancouver  might be in need of some TLC. As a Vancouver fence repair and installation professionals, the team at  QS Fencing know that time is money when it comes to tackling problems.  In other words, the sooner you discover and fix the tiny problems, the more affordable it will be.

What to look for first

Conduct a quick inspection of the fence’s perimeter.  Keep an eye out for things like rust, chips in the paint (which can lead to rust), visible damage to the fence (such as fallen branches), loose or dislodged fence posts (or water pooling around them), as well as possible future problems such as overhanging branches or vegetation growth too close to the fence.

Repaint any areas with paint chips as soon as possible. This will help prevent rust formation. If rust is detected, it’s vitally important to remove it before repainting the fence.

If there’s visible damage, it’s time to call in a professional. This is especially true for dislodged posts, which can compromise the integrity of your fence.

Keep an eye out for pooling water. If you notice large puddles around the base of the fence, pack down earth around the surrounding area until it levels out. Leaving it for too long could erode the earth, allowing posts to become loose and dislodge.

Finally, always keep the area around the fence trim. Don’t allow large plants and trees to grow too close or over the fence. Prune back shrubs and limbs to keep the area clear as possible. Branches hanging overhead can fall and damage your fence, while vegetation can eventually weaken it.

For Vancouver fence repair projects that require the professional touch, we’re pleased to provide free quotes. Visit or call (604) 345-5145 for details.