Leading Fencing Trends from 2018

The team members at QS Fencing understand that most people when most people look at fencing for the home, it’s for more than just a simple barrier. Like any other aspect of the home, fence designs go through trends and shifts in fashion. For those wondering what was in for 2018, just keep reading.

Going Floral

Adding flowers or bushes around a fence adds a splash of colour and beauty to a property, it also enhances privacy. This technique works exceptionally well on fences that have notable gaps, such as a picket or chain-link fence.

Fence Gardens

For those looking for something a little different, try creating a vertical garden that’s attached directly to the fence. Aside from being visually eye-catching, the idea of using a fence to grow herbs or other types of food is a great way to maximize limited space.

The Ultra-Modern Look

Resembling more of an outdoor wall than a fence, this trend has become increasingly popular in the fencing world. Often constructed of wood, (admittedly not ideal for BC’s climate) or metal, these fences may also feature elegant add-ons like shelves and lighting.

The Old Rustic Look

Ideal for nostalgic romanticists, these fences are often constructed of a combination of stone and metal. They may require a bit more maintenance, but for people who want to put in the time and effort, these fences offer a whimsical touch that’s hard to beat.

DIY Jobs

While nothing is more satisfying than completing a project, a DIY fence can have some distinct downsides unless an individual really understands what they’re doing. A fence without proper foundations, for example, is prone to premature collapse. Additionally, materials unsuitable to a specific environment are likely to rot or rust quickly.


Going Dark

The white picket is passe. For a sophisticated look, darker colours have become very vogue in home design. It’s not necessary to embrace full on black, a dark navy or grey can be equally attractive. Dark coloured fencing makes a house stand out, especially if it’s a lighter colour. Additionally, dark fences provide an eye-catching backdrop for flowering trees and shrubs.

Iron and Stone

No one ever said you had to commit to one kind of fence. Creative designers with a generous budget are opting to play with mixed materials. For example, laying down a stone base and topping it off with an metal rails or pickets. This modernizes a classic look, especially if the mixed materials are visually complementary.

Going Metal

Today, metal fences are one of the most practical and versatile options out there, whether it be fancy cast iron or reliable aluminum. Some will even go for options such as corrugated metal fences, which provide complete privacy, though the look might not be for everyone.

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