Fashionable Aluminum Fencing for the Home

Winter won’t be here forever, and QS Fencing is ready to help homeowners enjoy backyard time again. There are many reasons why a homeowner might choose to change a fence, which often enhances the curb appeal of a property.

When it comes to home décor, a fence is much more than a simple barrier—it defines the space around the home. And like the exterior of a house, it’s something people notice right away. Of course, fences also have a functional role to play. But whether it’s for containing pets or keeping small children away from the pool, all fences can be attractive if they’re properly installed and maintained.

If security and containment are the primary objectives, metal fencing is an excellent choice—whether it’s chain link, aluminum, or ornamental steel.

For those targeting privacy and aesthetics, wood can be an attractive and affordable option. Just keep in mind that this is Vancouver, and the initial low-cost layout can quickly be offset with ongoing repairs and restoration. Softwoods, in particular, will soon degrade the wet Vancouver climate.

Ultimately, steel fencing can be a low maintenance and fashionable option for around the home. Many of these fences can be fashioned in simple but aesthetically pleasing ways. And chain-link should not be discounted either. Despite its Plain Jane format, there are more options to broaden chain-links’ appeal. For example, chain link-fencing can be covered with vinyl slates or treated to a colour coating to blend into the scenery.

Aluminum Fencing is another increasingly popular fence for around the home. With nearly as much durability as steel, these fences come in a variety of formats and merely require a quick power wash to keep them clean and beautiful.

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