Chain-Link Fencing: Five Considerations for Safety

QS Fencing specializes in the repair and augmentation of safety fences in Vancouver. Suitable for a variety of commercial applications, these fences create a physical barrier that can protect against intruder access as well as various on-site hazards.

As a low-tech solution for reducing the risk of theft, injury (and possibly impending lawsuits), safety fences work well for a variety of businesses. However before installing one, be sure to consider the following:

1)What area requires guarding? How large is it? The exact dimensions will be needed to determine the size and shape of the fence. Additionally, installing the access points also require some forethought—will it be a single or double door? Should it open right or left?

2) In hazardous areas, it’s important to ensure that both upper and lower limbs are protected. For example, no one should be able to reach over or through the fence. Height, opening size, and distance to the hazard are all important considerations when installing a safety fence.

3) Access is essential, as is the safety of those requiring access. A common practice to keep operators safe is to incorporate a safety interlock door handle and push buttons on the post, which cuts power to potentially hazardous components while the workers are in a dangerous area.

4) Installing a fence can be time-consuming and tedious, but that becomes doubly true when it comes to repairs, replacement, or relocation. Using a modular system that uses quick-connect fittings can make it much easier, especially if adjustments are required later.

5) Finally, any safety fence system needs to be durable and weather resistant. In addition to withstanding wind and rain, these fences have to be able strong enough to stand up to accidents (and abuse) from both foot and vehicle traffic.

QS Fencing provides a variety of security fencing solutions for both commercial and residential applications. To learn more about the options for chain-link safety fencing, call 604-777-3057.