Garden fence in Vancouver: How to choose the ideal model for your property

The garden fence can be of different heights and thicknesses, and can be installed as decoration for flowers or as protection for a certain area. Knowing what you are looking for is the first step in finding the ideal fence for your garden. And that is what we want to help you with. Keep reading to find out more.

What are the different types of garden fence?

Garden fences can vary in size, style and material. All of these aspects influence its use. We can then divide the garden fence into two categories: for use in flower beds or even a larger protective fence for the entire length of the garden.

The models for use in flowerbeds are shorter, usually thinner and more delicate – in general, they are made of wood. Although they also protect flowers from animals, one of their main purposes is decorative. These fences are between 20 and 60 cm, can also be used around a vegetable garden and are very easy to install.

Larger fences have the purpose of delimiting an area and protecting the place of entry and exit of animals. Because they are taller, they are stronger, more resistant and heavier, and may require a more detailed installation. They are usually made of wood, steel or aluminum. They can surround the entire length of a garden and are usually accessed through a gate.

Some models also serve to limit the space of the animals in the house in a certain area of ​​the garden, for example.

Why buy a fence for your garden?

As we saw above, the advantages will vary according to the model of the fence. However, they all basically serve to create protection on the spot. In the case of vegetable gardens and small flower beds it is good to protect from domestic animals, such as dogs, that can dig in the place, destroy the flowers or even eat what has been planted.

In this case, the fences can still bring a charm to your beds, embellishing the garden. They are very easy to install and last a long time, withstanding the most varied climatic conditions. You can also use chainlink fences to limit the space of the animals. Instead of surrounding the flowers, with the garden fence it is possible to separate a space from the land exclusively for animals.

Do I need a professional to install?

Regardless of your choice of garden fences, it is important to have professional installation help. If you need help in the Vancouver area, we can assist with both choosing the best option and installing. Contact us for a free quote.