Aluminum Gates: 7 Advantages Over Iron or Wood Gates

When choosing the ideal gate model for your home, it is important to consider factors such as aesthetics, durability, efficiency and safety. And in this the aluminum gate is unbeatable!

There are many options for gates with their own characteristics and that fit different needs. In addition, choosing the model requires a detailed analysis so that it fits your house or building. In this article, we will talk specifically about the aluminum gate, to show some of its advantages over those made of iron or wood.

Aluminum gate

An aluminum gate can be pivoting, sliding, tilting, manual or automatic. And it is suitable for all types of applications: homes, businesses, commercial establishments and condominiums.

Its lightness, strength, wide variety of shapes, finishes and corrosion resistance provide advantages not found in steel, wood or other materials. Some are coated and painted to further improve weather resistance.

Main advantages of aluminum gate

1. Durability

Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant material and therefore guarantees the gate great durability. The lightness of aluminum has a very positive impact in relation to the durability of other gate materials and also ensures ease of use, especially in up-and-over doors. Furthermore, as aluminum is very light, it does not overload the automation systems.

2. Immune to salt spray

In coastal cities, where there is the presence of the sea air, the aluminum gate beats iron and wood ones, as it does not oxidize (rusts). Sanding and anti-rust cleaning, which is done on steel gates, is not necessary. It only takes a simple and periodic cleaning to maintain its integrity. When cleaning, remember to avoid using abrasives to avoid scratching, and also soap or detergent with acidic or alkaline pH.

3. Easy assembly

There are pre-made models of aluminum gates that can be purchased and easily assembled. The other option is to hire a professional to install it. Both options are accessible today.

If you choose to install with a professional, QS Fencing can help you in the Vancouver area. Contact us for a free quote – we work with aluminum gates as well as aluminum fencing, railings and even gate automation systems.

4. Great cost-benefit

Due to its unique durability and price, the aluminum gate is an excellent investment for your property. Furthermore, as aluminum is a lightweight material, the motor used to open an automatic gate does not need to have extremely high power, and this also impacts economy.

5. Easy maintenance

Another advantage of the aluminum gate is its low and simple maintenance – an iron gate, for example, needs periodic maintenance to prevent rust. The same happens with the wooden models that need to go through the sanding and varnishing processes to maintain their integrity. A specialized professional can easily maintain an aluminum gate at a low cost.

6. With or without paint

The aluminum gate can be installed with or without paint. If left unpainted, it will have the natural look of aluminum. But you can also customize it. An example of this is the electrostatic painting in different colors so that you can choose the one that best matches the architecture of the property.

7. Aluminum gate automation

Due to their characteristics, aluminum gates are well recommended when you want to automate their operation. The gate automation allows its opening and closing to be done through a remote control. This adds a lot of security, as it reduces the chances of exposure of the resident during entry and exit. There are some types of automation systems that are suitable for different types of gates, such as the tilting, the pivoting and the sliding gates.

Finally, if you have other questions and want to talk about the best aluminum gate option for your property or land, we can help you. Contact QS Fencing by phone (604) 777-3057 or email and we can answer your questions and send you a free quote.