Do you have a dog? Know the ideal height for your chainlink fence

In today’s article, we want to talk specifically about the ideal height of the fence in cases of houses or commercial buildings with dogs. Check out some tips and measures to make the right choice and keep your pet safe.

Where will the chainlink fence be installed?

The first aspect that you need to assess in order for the height to be assertively defined is where the fence will be installed. Will it be a fence for the house and the dog will be free? Or is it a bespoke fence for a kennel?

If the fence is around your house, it means that it will have the purpose of providing security to both the property and the animal, right? In this case, the height should not be thought of with a focus on the dog, but on providing security to the property and to you first.

Now, if the fence will be placed exclusively to “surround” the dog, then we recommend that you make the height that is most suitable. We will talk about it shortly.

So, when it is a fence for urban or rural property, for example, it is important that you keep the concern for the security of your assets. Especially because, by opting for higher fences and more resistant material, you will automatically be favoring the protection of your dog.

How big is the dog?

Another very relevant point to define the ideal height of the fence, is to evaluate the size of your dog. Is it small, medium, large? In general, for large dogs, it is recommended at least 1 meter and a half in height. As for the medium-sized dog fence, the ideal is 1 meter and for small dogs it needs to be at least 60 centimeters in height. But that decision also depends on your dog’s temperament.

Do you know your pet’s temperament?

It is very important to know your dog’s usual behavior, as this makes it much easier to identify an ideal height for the fence. If your dog is large, but is considered calm, the height may be up to 1 meter and a half as we have already said. Now, if it is a more agitated animal, it is essential that the fence is at least 1.5 meters.

Kennel fence

If your goal is to build a kennel, that is, a small place reserved only for the dog, in general the fences are higher – at least 2 meters. That way, the space can also be covered, which keeps your dog safe from the strong sun or rain.

Vancouver chainlink fencesIf you have any questions on the subject or are interested in making a free quote, contact us and we can guide you on the best options for your case.