Fences for Hotels and Inns: What Are the Best Options?

When it comes to hotels, inns and guest house fences, there are many things to consider. This is because, many times, clients are on vacation and are looking for an environment that is safe, beautiful, comfortable – capable of making them forget about everyday problems.

That’s why the most important factor is safety! After all, you need to protect guests and their property. In addition, the fence needs to be practical and affordable – if it requires little maintenance, even better. Another important consideration is aesthetics. Ideally, the fence should blend in with its surroundings and not stand out or look out of place.

Furthermore, comfort is certainly one of the most important points to consider when making any decision for your hotel or inn. When we talk about chain link fences, for example, a great advantage is being able to protect the property without harming the ventilation of the space, which offers much more comfort to your guests.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best way to protect your property without compromising the quality of the hosting you offer.

Fences for Hotels and Inns: Best Options

Depending on the style of the hotel or inn, it is very likely that you will need more than one different type of fencing to ensure a charming and safe environment. Especially in properties with an outdoor leisure area or that have integration with nature. Check out some of QS Fences’ solutions below.

1. Property fencing and parking

For these cases, the most interesting thing is to choose fences that are practical, robust and durable – if your establishment is close to the sea, it is also essential that the material has galvanized coated to prevent the appearance of corrosion or rust. Among the most suitable are chain link fences, aluminum or iron fences.

For the fencing of the property, it is also interesting to include an automatic gate in the planning, which also provides comfort and security.

2. Leisure and sports areas

If the hotel has a sports area, such as courts or a swimming pool, they also need fencing. For courts, the best are chain link fences, which are practical, safe and prevent balls from escaping during matches. For swimming pools, a good suggestion is removable panel fences. Thus, at times when the pool is not being used, the fence can be placed, thus maintaining safety.

3. Children’s areas, gardens and vegetable gardens

If the hotel has outdoor areas for children or even gardens and vegetable gardens, wooden fences can be a good solution. They are charming, beautiful and keep children safe.

Fences in Vancouver

If you have or are building a hotel or inn in the Vancouver area, you can count on QS Fencing Ltd. to help guide you on the best fencing options for your property. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you