Vancouver Fences for Water Parks and Clubs: Five Solutions That Bring Security to the Site

Managing a water park involves many administrative challenges, one of which concerns the safety of visitors. When deciding to spend a day having fun with the family, visitors expect to find a place that is organized, clean, with good service and adapted to avoid accidents that compromise the tour and people’s health.

Vancouver Fencing for Water Parks

The park administration is responsible for choosing the best solutions to meet safety standards and the expectations of its customers. In this entertainment environment, there are several situations in which protective fences can be applied to provide security and organization. Check out some tips below to make your water park a great reference in structure.

1. Queue Organization

Even before the swimming pool area, the safety and organization of visitors begins at the entrance. Mobile fences are useful for organizing entry and exit queues, and the ticket office, especially on busy days. The same goes for areas where food and souvenirs are sold or even restrooms.

This type of organization helps improve customer service and increases employee productivity by streamlining processes and minimizing security issues. For this situation, the mobile fencing model is indicated, which provides flexibility to customize protection according to your needs.

2. Access Limitation

Another need experienced by water parks and clubs is the limitation of access to certain areas, which are restricted to employees. There are also hazardous areas with equipment and machinery that must be isolated from the public. Periodically, the leisure areas also undergo maintenance or renovation, requiring the adoption of fixed or mobile fencing for the duration of the care or works.

As these fences are the ones that are closest to humid environments, it is essential that the material used in them has gone through a galvanizing process – in this way, they are more resistant to the appearance of oxidation and rust.

In addition, depending on the area, it is necessary to choose models that have gates – such as those for maintenance areas, for example. That’s because the goal is to keep only the general public away, but still allow access to authorized personnel.

3. Pool Areas

The heart of the water park, that is, the pools and water slides, need extra attention. Here, it is important to consider the isolation of risk areas, in addition to the use of screens and fencing to control the entry of visitors to each attraction. In this way, once again the screens contribute to safety and the internal organization, which helps the work of employees, especially lifeguards.

For these situations, it is recommended to choose fencing with more resistance and durability, free from corrosion. In addition to the galvanized fences, already mentioned above, another option is the fences with electrostatic painting, the same used by the automotive industry.

4. Playground and Gardens

In addition to the pools, there are also other attractions that can make up the water park, such as rapids, slides, zip lines, climbing attractions, etc. Not to mention the traditional playgrounds, parks where children can play freely. In that case, lower fences are a good option.

Finally, gardens and green areas can also be fenced for greater durability of landscaping – in this case, low wooden fences can be a good option. Even though they are less resistant, they are charming and match the space.

5. Parking

The protection of the parking area must be done for two reasons. The first concerns the safety of visitors, especially pedestrians. With the area isolated and signposted, there is less chance of accidents happening.

The second reason concerns the preservation of the property, that is, the cars of visitors and employees. Situations such as robberies and theft could cause great inconvenience to the company, so keeping the place isolated can contribute to everyone’s safety and tranquility.

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