Does My Chain Link Fence Need Maintenance? Check for Signs That Your Fencing Needs Attention

If you have a property fenced with chain link fences, you probably chose this model for a number of reasons, right? After all, they are practical, durable and require little maintenance. But whether to divide a land or fence a property, there is usually a reason that is always present when making this choice: to increase security on the site. So, even if your fence is quite durable, it’s important to keep an eye out for certain signs to prevent the security that the fence offers from being compromised. To help you, in this article we will list some signs that indicate that it may be time to call a fencing professional to help you with the repairs. Check it out below.

Signs That Your Fence Needs Maintenance

As we always point out here on the QS Fencing blog, chain link fences are already manufactured to avoid your headaches – they are resistant and made with the proper material to resist the action of time. Even so, fences are subject to accidents – a strong storm, animals or even human activity, for example – that can damage them. So, from time to time, keep an eye out for the following signs:

1. Bent Posts

The posts act as the backbone of your fence. They are responsible for keeping it firmly in place. So, if you’ve noticed that one or more posts are leaning, it indicates that there has been some compromise in the firmness of the fence as a whole. In these cases, the most recommended thing is always to contact a professional to evaluate the case and make the repairs as soon as possible. That’s because even if only one of the posts is looser, it can lead to a domino effect that culminates in your entire fence coming down (and installing a new one, as you can imagine, will cost you more).

2. Chain Mesh Loose

If you’ve noticed any of the posts leaning, it’s only a matter of time before you see the chain mesh start to loosen up as well. After all, when the fence mesh is twisted, the links tend to start giving way. And if the loose and flaccid chain mesh facilitates the entry and exit of unauthorized people on your property, thus compromising your safety. Loose chain mesh is also an indicator that the fence is starting to fall.

3. Unusual Noise

From time to time, if possible, inspect the entire perimeter of your chain link fence. But in addition to looking for falling posts and holes in the mesh, there is one minor detail you need to watch out for: missing nails and screws or even loose screws. These components also greatly influence the integrity of your fence – and they should always be completely secured. This is even more important if you also have gates attached to your fence. With loose screws, the gates become misaligned and tend to make more noise, so be aware of that too.

4. Holes or Cracks

So far, we’ve talked about events that have more to do with weather issues (a strong storm, for example) or even the action of the time. But you can’t overlook the possibility of human action – if you’ve noticed cuts or cracks in the fence mesh, someone may have deliberately cut your fence. It is worth remembering that this item is also related to the ones mentioned above – in general, if your fence is neglected, this can be more inviting to invaders who interpret the lack of care of the fence as a lack of property surveillance.

5. Discoloration

Yes, chain link fences are made from rust-resistant material – and are often coated for an extra layer of protection as well. Even so, this can happen, especially in places close to the sea. So keep an eye out for color changes – greenish hues can indicate algae growth, while oxidation or rust formation can indicate your fence needs a new rust-resistant coating. Always remember that, in these cases, the sooner this is done, the better – when the rust is already in an advanced stage, it ends up definitively compromising the affected area.

Fencing Maintenance in Vancouver

If you need both maintenance and replacement of chain link fences in the Vancouver area, please contact us. The professionals at QS Fencing are experts on the subject and can help you with both evaluating your fence and suggesting what to do to keep it intact. In these cases, the help of a professional is essential to avoid further damage and extra expenses. To contact us and request a quote, click here.