Bollards in Vancouver: 5 Reasons Why They Can Increase Security in Public and Private Places

A bollard is nothing more than a short, firm pillar. Widely used in docks and marinas, so that boats could park more safely, they are now common in urban areas as well. Even so, many people pass by them without fully understanding their usefulness – after all, they are not just decorative. With that in mind, we prepared this article in which we will address some reasons why bollards can increase the security of people and property in cities.

Advantages of Using Bollards

As we pointed out, nowadays it is common to see bollards in the urban environment. After all, they are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes – from delimiting parking lots and organizing traffic to protecting pedestrian-only areas and also protecting buildings and other constructions. All this without interfering with the landscape or even covering facades. If you are considering using bollards, check out some advantages below.

1. Organization of Parking Lots

Let’s say you have a supermarket with its own parking lot for customers. In this case, the bollards are very useful to delimit the space and even to divide the place in parking for cars and for bicycles, for example. The same goes for places like schools, amusement parks, stadiums and other places that receive a lot of people.

2. Pedestrian Safety

Bollards can be useful both on private sites and properties, as discussed above, as well as on public roads. Older cities, with very narrow streets, can benefit from the use of bollards to delimit exclusive space for pedestrians. They can also be used to prevent people from parking cars on sidewalks, for example. On wider roads, such as avenues, bollards can be used to demarcate prohibited turns or pedestrian areas.

3. Protection for Buildings

Bollards can also be used to reinforce the security of buildings whose facade is directly on the street – they can be historic buildings or even stores and other private properties. In this case, bollards help both prevent traffic accidents from damaging buildings and provide security, especially against crimes where a vehicle deliberately invades the facade. In these cases, when we talk about private companies, it is always necessary to check the local laws and rules for installing bollards on public roads.

4. Restrict Areas

Establishments such as schools, museums and amusement parks, for example, may have restricted areas or even the need to organize queues. In these cases, bollards are also good options because they do not block the facade of buildings.

5. Seaside Protection

Since we mentioned that bollards were widely used in docks and marinas, it is also worth mentioning this use of them. They can be installed at seaside locations or even piers – and the bollards may or may not be connected by ropes, for example – to ensure the safety of people walking through the region.

Bollards in Vancouver

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