How to Prepare Your Fence for the Winter

The winter season is coming, and we can feel it already. To face this rough season, some preparation is necessary, even when we are talking about your home fence. Freezing cold temperatures and snow can cause damage and impact your fence.

For all your fence needs, whether it’s installation, maintenance, repairs, or even winter preparation, you can count on our fence experts in Vancouver who are ready to provide the best service and solution for your need.

To avoid any hustle with your fence, take a look at the following tips about preparing and maintaining your fence for the winter weather.

Clean the Fence Area

Now, all the leaves fall, and you definitely can make a good clean of your backyard and around your house. If you let the fallen leaves left out on your lawn, the wind can carry them against your fence, and with the humidity of all the rain, these leaves can put extra weight on the posts of your fence. Adding more drizzle, and even snow, your fence can warp and even crack.

Also, piles of wet leaves can retain much longer all the moisture from the rain, which can lead the wood of your picket fence to root, or your chain link or a steel fence to rust damage, bringing severe damages or even wreaking your fence.

Finally, make sure to clean your fence from time to time once all the wet weather can result in mold and mildew formation in your fence, which can also interferer in the integrity of your fence.

Prevention and Maintenance

The cold weather can interfere in your fence. Depending on the material that your fence was made, the cold can make it less flexible and robust. Thus, make sure to do a good cleaning up throughout your fence, removing any potential threats like hanging branches or hanging plant pots that could impact the fence structure or even fall and damage your fence.

Also, take care of any potential risks such as holes, cracks, loose boards, or pallets and repair them as soon as possible. If you do not fix them now, before the snow and ice come, you will have to wait a long time, maybe until the spring to fix it. This waiting time will probably turn your minor issue into a big problem, costing you more in the long run.

Finally, you can also waterproof your fence as well. This will protect the coating from all natural elements, mainly the rain from “Raincouver.”

After all your maintenance and preparation, if you still need a hand to prepare your fence for the winter, get in touch with our team at QS Fencing. Our skilled team can come and help you inspecting your fence, making necessary repairs, and ensuring that the structure is in good condition to face the rough weather.

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