Chain Link Fencing Regulations for Swimming Pools

Our previous blog post last month explaining length and gauge reviewed the differences in various sizes of chain-link fencing.

Whereas the standard size of chain-link fencing is generally acceptable for most residential uses particularly in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, there are specific requirements that our customers should be aware of before getting their next fencing project installed.

This blog post focuses on regulations for swimming pools to ensure the proper safety for both children and adults alike.

Swimming Pool Fence Regulations

  • To prevent drowning, city by-laws require fences to be installed around any pool that exceeds 14 square meters and a depth of more than 450mm
  • This fence must be at least 3 feet and 6 inches high with a maximum length of 4 inches (‘length’ refers to the size of the diamond that is characteristic to chain-link fencing; the standard length of chain-link fencing is 2 inches)
  • The fence must also fully enclose the pool
  • The fence must also be fully equipped with a self-closing gate that has a spring lock on the inside of the fence for exiting the pool

For more information about city by-laws pertaining to swimming pools, each municipality may have further restrictions which we encourage you to inquire about before installing your fence. When you’re ready to go, QS Fencing is at your service!

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