Fencing for North Vancouver Mountain Lions (Cougar Proof Fencing)

Are Cougars a Concern in Metro Vancouver?

Yes, in some areas. A lot of backyards in Meto Vancouver happen to be in cougar territory (also called panthers, or mountain lions). If you have small children or pets, cougars in these areas are something to be aware of and take necessary precautions (both for your family’s safety as well as the animals’).

For Greater Vancouver municipalities along the North Shore Mountains in particular, and in the Fraser Valley for farmer’s and rancher’s livestock, it’s not uncommon to hear about cougar sightings or cougar attacks.

While bears are reported far more often around Vancouver (check out this great tool for reporting sightings in BC: https://wildsafebc.com/warp/ ), this post focuses on cougar proofing your fence as recently it’s been in the news about an usually brave cougar roaming the streets, driveways, and yards of Maple Ridge.

Another big story was when a B.C. father last year was able to punch a cougar in the face to rescue his two-year-old daughter from a cougar attack! While cougar attacks on humans are rare, children and pets can be in real danger from attacks, and since fencing can play a critical role in securing your back yard from such predators, that’s what this post is all about.

Secure Fence Enclosures

Mountain lions are impressive predators; they can easily leap over a 10-foot high fence, so it’s recommended to build a full enclosure for your animals and take your pets inside at night. As wood enclosures such as barns can have insecure boards, chain-link fences are a recommended reinforcement.

Full chain-link enclosures are ideal for securing livestock, where a tarp can be added to the top to protect from rain and snow. Mountainlion.org offers some photos and instructions for setting up a chain-link enclosure for livestock here, but we recommend giving us a call for a free consultation to ensure professional results.

Secure Livestock Fences

In many cases, enclosures are not practical or possible to setup, such as protecting cougars or deer from crossing a highway, or securing large acreages and pastures from predators (such as in the Fraser Valley or the Township of Langley). In these cases, the minimum recommended height for cougars is 12 feet.

Note, many municipalities around Vancouver have fence height restrictions for fences above 6 feet. Be sure to check your municipal bylaws to ensure compliance.  

In addition to height, cougars are extraordinary climbers (able to carry their prey over tall fences and into trees), so is critical to add an overhanging top guard, no matter how high your fence is.

Depending on where you live and municipal bylaws, you might look at adding fence height extensions with top guards, or installing a new fence altogether depending on your situation.

Gates and access points should be gap free and be equally as high and as secure as the rest of the perimeter.

We recommend giving us a call for a free consultation to ensure you get an effective solution that meets your needs.

Secure Fences for Yards and Play Areas

If you have pets or kids living at a mountain side property in Metro Vancouver, be sure to review the best practices advised by Fish and Wildlife for protecting your yard and play areas from cougars and other predators.

Kids are at higher risk than adults from cougar attacks and so the Ministry recommends adding fencing around yards and play areas as well as taking a number of other safety precautions.

Again, many Vancouver municipalities have fencing height restrictions so be sure to check on the bylaws in your area or give our Greater Vancouver fencing experts a call to ensure you’re following best practices!

Call QS Fencing in Vancouver BC

There are plenty of unfortunate (and preventable) stories of pets going missing from reported and suspected cougar attacks through North Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Moody, and other Greater Vancouver communities.

We love the amazing beauty of the North Shore Mountains and we’re grateful to live within an abundance of wildlife and nature. That said, we also recognize the need to prevent injury and ensure safety for both people and the wildlife.

We also understand the importance of curb appeal and take aesthetic considerations into account. Give us a call for a free consultation for your secure fencing needs and we will find the right solution for you depending on your particular needs!

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